Elevate your team performance.​

With The Power of Artificial Intelligence and Behavioural Sciences

Leaders are only as good as their people; and results are dependent on the strength of the team. The world of work is changing. Team members are working in different environments all over the world. This makes it difficult for leaders to monitor their team’s health and business performance.

We believe a combination of artificial intelligence and behavioural sciences can help humanize the workplace again.

While your team works using their digital communication tools, our TEAMS dashboard collects information to show you the key indicators of your teams health.

Along with our TEAMS dashboard, WP21 offers you a full development suite including coaches, mentors and online education plans to ensure your team has everything they need to succeed.


Our AI powered performance dashboard

Monitor your teams development
in real time. TEAMS helps you
identify gaps so you can prioritize training in critical growth areas.

Mentors, Coaches and Online Education Resources

We offer personalized coaching, hundreds of mentors across all industries and education plans unique to your needs.

A Complete Suite for All Your Developmental Needs

Using the data from TEAMS, our performance specialists will craft a detailed development plan including coaching, mentoring and online education plans.


Gain access to TEAMS for a free 4 week trial and get access to a performance specialist who will assess your skill gaps and provide you with personalized executive coaching, mentorship and online learning plans.