We are moved by our beliefs.

Together, we can create a better workplace in the 21st century. We call it WORKPLACE21. We want to leave behind toxic workplaces, inhumane leaders, poor collaboration and meaningless work. Technology, especially AI, can help us build workplaces driven by purpose and reinforce the powerful nature of human creativity. To unlock all that potential, we need to love the work we do and create productive relationships with the ones we work with.

Happier teams doing only what they are passionate about have been proven to perform better.

For us, the only things matter are competence, skills, and integrity. Keeping this focus will eliminate bias, and help leaders develop to be better people leaders.

We spend our days studying people at work and how to put new technologies to the service of our vision. We create applications to be intuitive and highly functional.

We came from all over the world – Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, Sao Paulo, UK, Zurich, Australia and New Zealand to collaborate and create a 21st-century company with no headquarters but big plans for the future.

Meet The Founders

Cesar Keller is a Strategic Marketing executive, adviser, keynote speaker and author. He has dedicated two decades helping large enterprises emotionally connect with their customers, creating winning concepts and products, digitally transform their businesses and develop teams to be high performers. Cesar is also the Founder of Collective Brains, a network of thought leaders interested in transforming the workplace to be more sustainable, by advising leaders and sharing provocative ideas.

Cheryl is the Founder of Epiphany Coaches, a leadership coaching company with 33 expert coaches on five continents. She is an experienced leadership coach with 25 years of business experience. Prior to coaching, Cheryl spent 10 years work at Microsoft Canada in various roles including marketing, research, sales and strategic initiatives. Cheryl is also a member of Forbes Coaching Council, Past President of the Business Executives Organization, and Founder of the Hamilton and Area Coaching Association.


Luciano Almada Head of Talent, Restaurants Brands International

Dena Singleton VP People, Porch

Lovina McMurchy GM & Director, Alexa Shopping

Beth Carey CEO, Pat Inc.

Rudinei Kalil VP & GM, North America at Motorola