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A Complete Suite For All Your Developmental Needs

Most value is created by teams. In 2020, 42% of the U.S labor force is now working remote full time and this doesn’t include contractors and part time employees. Remote workers are harder to engage and communication and cross team collaboration is more critical than ever.



Power up your team in real time without surveys

Behavioral science has proven that trusting relationships on a team is the key performance driver. WP21 uses real time data points from your team’s current daily work habits to monitor their behavior and communication. We combine natural text analytics with cutting-edge, comprehensive team performance metrics to build a complete professional program for every team member.

Our TEAMS Dashboard provides real time insights and progress on your team’s growth wherever they are. We focus our proprietary dashboard on the key proven elements of Engagement, Communication, Collaboration and Adaptability and others specific key indicators for the Team Leader.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your team’s engagement and performance levels allowing them to focus on their work.


Your one-stop-shop for all your developmental needs

Business transformation at accelerated paces requires constant re-skilling and up-skilling. Team up with our experts, to quickly acquire new skills, develop leaders and get advice in every relevant aspect of your business and projects.

Our Performance Specialists will curate prioritized development plans to your team with expert mentors, coaches and digital education to find the best matches to your needs.

Elevate Performance


Elevate Performance for Teams, blends the best of AI with hands-on Collective Intelligence, creating winning programs for your company.

Along with access to our performance dashboard, Elevate Performance offers you a full development plan including customized coaches, mentors and online education plans for each individual to ensure your team has everything they need to succeed.

Augmented Leader Starter Pack

WP21 will assign a performance specialist for 2 hours to assess and map out your skills needs

Performance Specialist

Leaders will have access to a 4 week trial of TEAMS for 20 members. Your dashboard will
include insights on your own health as a leader.

Professionally trained executive coaches will provide insights and suggestions on how to
grow and improve.

Our top executive mentors from our partner, Collective Brains will help re-enforce your
development and focus on specific skills.

Additional online modules will be customized to reinforce your needed skill.

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High Performing Teams

Our team that consists of behavioural science experts, and leaders with decades of experience dealing with multifunctional team challenges help you navigate a fast-changing landscape and prepare for the future of work.


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Employees need to reskilled successfully. Here’s what leaders can do now to give their teams the best opportunity to thrive in an uncertain future.

Re-skilling For Employee Role Changes

Having the right people in the right roles is more vital than ever but the reality is – roles change often and employees want to experience different opportunities.

The Science Behind Employee Engagement

Job satisfaction is at the heart of employee engagement. As early as 1959, it received decisive momentum when Psychologist Frederick Herzberg published the Two Factor theory of motivation.