WP21 Responsible Data Policy

Last Update: February 1, 2021


At WP21, we keep your information private, safe, and secure using responsible data practices.

What our TEAMS application does

Our TEAMS Dashboard provides real time insights and progress on your team’s growth wherever they are. Behavioral science has proven that trusting relationships on a team is the key performance driver. We use real time data points from your team’s current daily work habits to monitor their behavior and communication.

Administrators, HR managers and team managers will only be able to see scores as they relate to your KPIs and Team Health. Your individual messages and content is encrypted and cannot be viewed, downloaded or accessed. 

You and your manager can see the same set of performance metrics regarding your personal KPIs.

What our application does not do

TEAMS web application does not share or store your messages. WP21 pledges to use all information only to your personal or your team’s development – nothing else.

Our application does not view or understand the context of any of your communication. Further, the text of any message collected is not saved in a readable form.

Basic List of FACTS

  1. Integrations use OAuth
    All of our messaging integrations rely on OAuth to provide access to user data. OAuth is a secure industry standard that gives users and IT Admins control over what will be shared. None of the services we integrate with require a user’s password and we will never ask a user for their password. All access rights are maintained through use of tokens that users and IT Admins can revoke at any time.
  2. 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption
    All message data is encrypted with OpenSSL AES-256/GCM.
  3. Messages are not permanently stored
    We only use your activity’s metadata to determine your team’s performance health. Messages are stored on our servers for no more than 14 days. Afterwards the messages are permanently removed.
  4. No human reading
    The activity and communication of you and your teammates collected by the application is never exposed to human eyes.
  5. Data Transparency
    We limit the personal data that is saved to just your name and email. We do not sell your personal information to anyone. You have the ability to view, download, and delete your data. Requests to delete can be satisfied within 1 week.
  6. Data Masking
    The metadata associated with your account is anonymized by a randomly generated ID instead of your name or other personally identifiable information. 
  7. Limited Access Roles
    Administrators, HR managers and other management roles can only view aggregated metadata which has been stripped of all personal identifiers – name and email. They do not have the ability to download or view the content of your messages.